AviClear in Peoria, IL

1726 NM Wavelength

Treat Acne at the Source

AviClear is the first and original FDA-cleared energy device for treating mild, moderate, and severe acne.
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Reimagining how acne is treated

Most acne forms when sebum, the oily substance on your skin, combines with dead skin cells and clogs your pores. AviClear uses the power of laser light to target and suppress sebaceous glands selectively, eliminating acne at the source without needing prescription medications. As the sebaceous gland is suppressed, your skin becomes less oily and clears up, reducing or eliminating acne formation.

Treatment Highlights

What It Treats


Treatment Time

60 minutes


80% of patients experienced 50% or more clearance. The goal is to stop acne before it causes scarring.

Consultation Required?


3 treatments
Spaced 4-6 weeks apart

The total price of your treatment depends on the amount of product used to treat your areas of concern. During your personalized consultation, the total price of your treatment will be determined and discussed with you.