Carbon Laser Facial in Peoria, IL

Hollywood Glow Facial

Improve Your Skin Texture

The Carbon Laser Facial (also know as the Hollywood Glow Facial) is a cutting-edge facial appropriate for all skin tones, types, and colors for both men and women.
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Reveal smooth, clear, and soft skin

The liquid carbon solution will adhere to impurities such as dirt, oil, and dead skin cells located deeper within the skin and pores.

The Carbon Laser Facial can be used safely on all skin types and is most useful when the skin is already healthy or only mildly damaged. If skin damage is significant, we recommend starting with our hand tailored skin rejuvenation programs. If your skin is healthy, the Carbon Laser Facial can be repeated as often as desired to maintain its healthy glow.

Treatment Highlights

What It Treats

Acne and acne-prone skin
Uneven skin tone and complexion
Oily and combination skin
Enlarged pores
Premature aging
Fine lines and wrinkles

Treatment Time

45 minutes

Recovery Time

Slightly inflamed or irritated skin about 1 hour or less.

Results Appear

Immediately, with optimal results after 3-6 treatments.

Results Last

Three to five treatments over a period of 2 to 3 months, with a booster treatment every six months, are recommended to maintain continuous results.

Consultation Required?

Highly Recommended

Single Session


3 Sessions

The total price of your treatment depends on the amount of product used to treat your areas of concern. During your personalized consultation, the total price of your treatment will be determined and discussed with you before injection.