IV/Vitamin Therapy in Peoria, IL

Targeted Hydration & Vitamins

Enhance Your Overall Health

We offer a variety of hydration therapies to meet your needs. Whether it is just for hydration, or we are adding vitamins to help with your specific needs, there is something here for everyone.
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Feel better with each drip

The idea behind both IV hydration therapy and IV vitamin therapy is that delivering specially formulated cocktails of nutrients, vitamins, electrolytes, antioxidants, and sometimes even medications via an IV can help replenish, restore, and detoxify your body quicker than taking them in by drinking water, eating healthy or taking a medication orally.

Treatment Highlights

What It Treats

Clear your complexion
Help you lose weight
Alleviate chronic pain
Detox your body
Increase your fitness performance and recovery
Enhance your focus
Improve your immunity
And much more!

Treatment Time

30-45 minutes

Results Appear

Depends on treatment choice

Results Last

Depends on frequency

Consultation Required?

We will assess your needs before each infusion to determine the best vitamins for this visit

IV Hydration Base


IV Vitamin Supplement Blend
(added to Hydration Base)


B-12 Shot
(Injection or added to Hydration Base)

/6 shots
Please note that several of our vitamins are compounded together; we do not charge for each individual vitamin in the compound.